I just wanted to say thank you for your amazing informative online course. I’m not finished at all yet but I’m going good with it.  My brain is being tested, I mean good tested and well informed about so much. You are amazing not that I want to blow your trumpet but you have done amazing work and you deserve a bow. Having many aha moments that resonate with my cellular body. The pelvis is really everything or a lot anyway. -M.D.

I absolutely loved this series!  I am doing my thesis on the pelvic floor.  I love her sense of humor, the progressions every week.  She showed us something new each time, but as Lori said, the repetitions of each successive week kept my muscle memory working. I can’t say enough wonderful things about her beautiful work!  My pelvic floor thanks her — ha ha.  I feel so much more stable in the standing poses because of this series. -M. V.

Recently, I took a (women only) Yoga Workshop called “The Female Pelvic Floor.” It completely opened my eyes and created a new awareness of this part of my body, and it was fascinating! In addition to having a lot of fun and laughing a lot, we learned about the anatomy, function, and specific pelvic exercises. I recommend Leslie Howard’s workshop — she is a major goddess! She’s funny, of course super knowledgeable and upset that women don’t talk about their pelvic floors.” – Corey P.

I took your pelvic floor workshop recently… I did my “homework” and found a suspicious spot. I have since seen my dermatologist, and see a surgeon for a biopsy this week. It is possibly melanoma, but appears to be early if that’s what it is. I want to thank you for encouraging us to do this exam. I don’t look down-there, and don’t know when it would have been found if I hadn’t taken your workshop. So thank you, and continue pushing us to LOOK.” – C.

The magic of yoga has had me feeling divine… and my body feels uncharacteristically balanced. This is coming from a guy who hits a volleyball with his right hand, swings a tennis racket with his right hand, kicks a soccer ball mostly with his right foot, and who tempers a post-surgery right knee. The “magic” of yoga has my right knee suddenly smiling and in balance with the rest of my body. I had a game the following night and I couldn’t believe how my body felt. None of my joints were moaning and my body was so good to go…” – Paul G.

The workshop was fascinating…I have to say I really have never thought much about my pelvic floor and now I am glad to know it is there! Leslie was a great teacher and I think everyone there enjoyed it and learned a ton.” – Lisa M., M.D.

I loved being at the retreat and have a new found appreciation for Iyengar yoga… at least the Leslie Howard version of Iyengar Yoga.” – Adrienne C.

WOW, the info from you has enlightened me on such a deep (literally!) level. Really seeing that my sacrum issues are emotional and how much the pelvic floor is involved… who’d a thunk? Thanks so much for the work you are doing, very powerful.” – Jnana Gowen

Thanks so much for you chock-full of information and enlightening workshop! What a treat! I am forever changed with this new awareness. I want to shout it from the mountain tops. I look forward to exploring this more. You are a joy as a teacher… clear and in tune with the group… have fun, as you are making such a difference in the lives of the woman you share this with…” – Cathy H.

I took your workshop on Sunday at 4th Street Yoga, and wanted to say that it was illuminating. I did my regular Tues. evening class yesterday, and I felt like my pelvic floor area had a new spotlight on it. Have you even seen a black and white photograph that has been hand-colored in one spot? That’s what it felt like, to suddenly have all this focus to this previously unnoticed region, like it was red or blue or some other color and everything else was in black and white. This kind of awareness seems like it will be very helpful in getting at the familiar yoga poses with a new focus.” – Nancy W.

The talk of the Yoga Journal conference — my friend, Leslie Howard, taught an all day intensive called the Female Pelvic Floor this week at the YJ conference in SF and it was the very best attended, most discussed intensive of the conference. For the fourth year, Leslie is offering this informative, inspiring, incredibly beneficial workshop at OM yoga.” – Cyndi Lee, Om Yoga