Pelvic Floor Yoga™ with Leslie Howard

Leslie Howard is a Oakland-based yoga teacher and yoga therapist specializing in pelvic floor health. Informed by her intensive Iyengar Yoga studies, she teaches both private and public classes and workshops in the Bay Area and beyond. Most workshops focus on pelvic floor health for men and women. Other topics include lower back care, yoga for cranky hips, and more. Learn more about her services and background.

IAYT Certified Yoga Therapist

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New Book Pelvic Liberation

Pelvic Liberation

Cultivating Awareness for a Happy Healthy Pelvis

Using Yoga, Self-Inquiry and Whole Body Breathing

Approaching yoga, breathing techniques and self inquiry through the lens of the female pelvis, Leslie brings a thoughtful, thorough, light hearted and therapeutic focus to a subject that can be difficult and scary.

This book was written as a call to normalize the conversation and improve women’s knowledge and awareness of their pelvis.  Leslie’s hope is to shine light on a subject shrouded in darkness and misunderstanding and illuminate the beauty and magic of this rich place. To this end Leslie’s book includes detailed explanations of key yoga postures and breathing practices designed to heal and awaken the female pelvis.  She also asks the reader to consider cultural and historical effects on women’s health in general.

After nearly five years, Leslie’s book is almost complete: the writing, hiring editor and content developer, Jurgen Moller, cover design, illustrations and yoga asana photos.  Ahead is design layout and final proofreading. Publication date is just around the corner: November 2017.