Mindful Menopause: Yoga for Hot Women of a Certain Age

WEBINAR by Leslie Howard


online course offered by Yoga U

The symptoms of menopause begin earlier than most people realize, and last longer. In a racially, ethnically and geographically diverse group of 1,449 women with frequent hot flashes or night sweats — the largest study to date found that the symptoms associated with menopause can last up to fourteen years after a woman’s last period. Menopause means fluctuating hormones, which can make sleep more difficult, belly fat harder to combat, feelings of irritability can increase, and desire for sex sometimes diminishes.

But yoga and pranayama can help. In one study, yoga practice cut hot flashes by 31%, and other research has found that regularly doing yoga improved libido, mood, insomnia and craving control.

This two-part course builds on Leslie Howard’s experience with the pelvic floor, having her own menopausal symptoms and working one on one with women going through the “change.”

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